$$$ for Higher Ed

Hey recent graduates and returning college students... it may not be too late to apply for scholarships! We have posted a few links to some very LGBT-specific scholarship resources that your school's financial aid office may not know about. In fact, we were just made aware (by our friends at ERSICSS) of a new statewide LGBT scholarship given by The United Court of Austin. Check 'em out, and please let us know if you are aware of any others that we can add to the list!

Don't assume you can't get a scholarship. Maybe you think your grades aren't strong enough. Maybe you got a loan and decided to blow it off. Whatever the excuse, it never hurts to apply. Not all scholarships are GPA-based. If you need help, ask Deb or Des!

Hatch Uke Band - Born This Way (Lady Gaga)

Hatch youth learnied to play ukuleles! So, we're not rock stars yet, but that doesn't mean we can't act like it. We'd like to thank ERSICSS for donating the ukes and for inspiring us to take a ride on the creative side with this awesomely fun video. Lady Gaga and her song "Born This Way" have been a big inspiration to us this year, too, OBVIOUSLY.

Sing along at the end!

About the Prom

Prom 2014

The Hatch Prom is held on the first Friday of June. The Prom Steering Committee, comprised of Hatch youth, develop a new theme each year. 

NEXT PROM    June 2, 2016 • 7pm - Midnight

Numbers Night Club    300 Westheimer

Click HERE to purchase tickets to the prom

The Hatch Prom is a tradition and rite of passage for Houston-area LGBTQIA youth. Imagine going to your high school prom and being able to dress like you want to, dance with your partner, and just be yourself! That's what Hatch prom is all about. You won't recognize the place because it'll be transformed into an awesome dance floor with a rockin' DJ, and tons of yummy food. We'll have a photographer there to take your photo.

As always, young adults ages 21-25 and over are invited to purchase tickets for $25. This year, we are having an adult VIP reception, and tickets to that event are $50. We also welcome you to be a sponsor of prom.  LGBTQIA youth up to age 20 are admitted for free. We encourage the youth to wear a costume, come in drag, gown, tuxedo, or whatever they're comfortable wearing as long as it's legal.

Prom also happens to be an opportunity for the community to give back and earmark their funds for this youth program. In the last few years, we've expanded Hatch to offer in-school meetings, Safe Zones on-campus counseling, Outreach workers who try to keep LGBT youth from living on the street. We thank our generous sponsors, without whom this event would not be possible!


Any Houston-area businesses who want to participate with food donations or prom court donations should get in touch with Anna Garza at 713.529.0037 x368.


We need lots of super-awesome volunteers to get things ready and for clean-up. We especially need people that can help decorate and run errands on June 5-6 during the day. If you want to join our Prom Volunteer Crew, please contact Jay Mays at 713.529.0037 x395.

Allie Answers the Tough Questions

Ask Allie!Have questions about dating, relationships, coming out, or just like... living, but maybe are afraid to ask? Ask Allie! was a companion site to Hatch just for LGBTQ teens to throw out questions and get real honest answers. Allie was is a social worker who worked for the Montrose Center, the same organization that makes Hatch happen. She had lots of experience, mostly around education, counseling and advocacy regarding sexual assault, domestic violence and hate crimes. She did workshops throughout Houston for youth and adults about violence prevention, dating and healthy relationships, and coming out issues; and worked directly with persons who had become targets of violent crime and abuse.

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The Montrose Center

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