Hatch Meetings

Hatch Youth meets every Tuesday 5-8, Friday 7-10 and Sunday 6-9 except holidays. Check our calendar to be sure. You must be age 13-20 to participate in Hatch meetings. We are in the Montrose Center at 401 Branard Street, Houston, TX 77006 on the first floor, room 101.


Coming to a Hatch meeting for the first time can be a really scary thing. After all, this might be your very first ‘gay’ event. You will meet people different from yourself, people who look like all the colors in our gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rainbow. You will also meet people just like you. Everyone is willing to let you be yourself. Everyone will accept you as who you are. You will be safe.

Besides being safe, you are coming to a place where we have fun, where you get to meet people from all over Houston and where you can make friends. So, just so you know what to expect, here’s what happens at a Hatch meeting.

Once you come in the door, you will be greeted by a member of the Youth Steering Committee. S/he will go over the rules with you, and ask you to sign a copy of those rules (you can find these rules on our website if you want to look at them first). S/he will show you where the food and beverages are, where the bathrooms are, where small group meets and tell you anything else you need to know that evening. Then, s/he will introduce you to people.

OK, you might be too shy to want to talk to anyone the first night (or the first few nights) and that’s OK. You can sit and watch until you are comfortable. No one will make you hang out with anyone else. No one will make you participate in any activity you don’t want to do. No one will make you do anything you don’t want to do.

The first hour is the social hour. We hang out, have a soda and a snack.

The second hour is the program hour. You can see what we are doing on any given night by looking at the calendar.

The third hour is small group. Small group is a safe place for you to talk about whatever you want. One of our biggest rules is that what’s said in group stays in group. The only exceptions to this rule are child abuse, or if we think you are going to hurt someone.

On Tuesdays, we host a Youth Transgender Support Group.

After small group, we have our group hug. That’s it until the next meeting.

So, come to a Hatch meeting. You don’t have to be alone any more.


The Montrose Center

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