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Safe Zones Project

Unique to the Houston area, the Safe Zones Project holds weekly peer support groups for LGBTQ student on select high school campuses. Read more about it here. To inquire about bringing the Safe Zones Project to your school, call the Hatch Youth Line at 713.529.3590 or talk to the Communities in Schools representative on your campus.

Safe Spaces

A safe space is a room or office on campus that a person (usually an adult faculty member) has declared to be a safe haven for LGBTQ students. Some schools have several. The Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN) offers a very inexpensive kit that helps schools successfully start their own Safe Space Program. Read more about it.

Gay-Straight Alliances

A gay-straight alliance, or GSA, is a club or organization that connects LGBTQ and allied students who are concerned with changing the climate or treatment of LGBTQ students on campus. Some GSA's are sanctioned (recognized and supported) by their school officials while others must organize off campus. Regardless, GSA's have the potential to improve the experience of all students whether they are directly involved or not.

Hatch Youth partners with Austin-based Texas GSA Network to provide training and motivation for students wishing to start or grow their GSA. They also host a great Queer Youth Activist Camp each summer for youth seeking to empower themselves and develop valuable leadership skills.

The GLSEN Houston Chapter also offers Jump Start training for new and established GSA's. Visit them on Facebook to find out more.


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